Keith Olbermann

Still Supporting Donald Trump? This Message Is For You. A modest appeal to think about things rationally
Released on 1/5/2017

What Did Trump Know? (And When Did He Stop Knowing It?). He promised to come clean. Well, we’re still waiting
Released on 1/4/2017

How Our New Corporate Overlords Plan to Thrive. The part-time president and the plot to pilfer Social Security
Released on 12/21/2016

So What Are We Supposed to Do Now? The Electoral College has affirmed Donald Trump as our 45th President. Here’s what you can do about it.
Released on 12/19/2016

Alexander Hamilton’s Plan to Keep Trump From the White House. The Electoral College was designed to prevent just this sort of emergency.
Released on 12/14/2016

The Grave Danger of Trump’s Intelligence Failure. Is the president-elect—who thinks he’s “ like a smart person”—content to hand America over to the Russians?
Released on 12/13/2016

Is There a Russian Coup Underway in America?
Why we urgently need a special prosecutor to investigate Russia’s meddling in the election.
Released on 12/12/2016

Let’s Take a Look at Trump’s Cabinet of Villains. Quite a crew he’s assembling to help run the country. Quite a crew.
Released on 12/7/2016

Trump May Have Just Thrown the U.S. Economy into the Toilet
This reputed business genius appears to know nothing about business.
Released on 12/6/2016

Trump is Steering Us Toward International Disaster
Why a know-nothing ego-maniac has no business on the phone with world leaders.
Released on 12/5/2016

Now “Government-Backed Attackers” Are Coming for Me?
What I’ve realized about Trump, Putin, and the hackers apparently targeting my email.
Released on 12/1/2016

Can Trump Possibly Believe What He’s Saying?
Before we take the president-elect at his word, let’s have a good look at those words.
Released on 11/29/2016

Keith Olbermann on Why Trump Is Not Fit to Be President. The words of the *president-elect* do not sound like those of a sane man.
Released on 11/28/2016

The Surprisingly Easy Way to Get Rid of Trump
How to remove a maniac president from office—without having to get Congress to impeach him
Released on 11/22/2016

Trump’s War on the Media Has Now Begun
This is what happens when you criticize Trump—and it’s scary for democracy.
Released on 11/22/2016

No, This is Not Normal Pre-Presidential Behavior
Let’s stop pretending and start taking action. Here’s how.
Released on 11/16/2016

Should We Give Trump a Chance?
Welcome to the Resistance, practical guide to what we all can do now for America
Released on 11/16/2016

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