Bangs and Locks Salon – Affordable Creative Color

If you’re living in or near the Temescal District in Oakland, California, you can find the Bangs and Locks Salon situated between 51st and 49th Streets. It’s known to be among the most expensive salons in the area, but they’re also known for providing exceptional services that leave very satisfied customers. One need not wonder why they’re getting really good feedback, because it’s simply hard to not to leave a positive review when you’re greatly satisfied with the results.

Being an Aveda Concept Salon is undoubtedly one of the key secrets to the remarkable services at Bangs and Locks. Aveda products are formulated using pure plant and flower essences, hence they’re perfectly safe for your hair and skin, and to the environment as well. You may want to try their complete professional hair color system, which have been tried on by thousands of customers for almost two decades now. Even if you may think that your hair is a hopeless case, B & L will remedy that with their revolutionary damage repair system. And there are real people who will attest to this, especially those who have been going to them for several years now.

Their awesome hairdressers are trained on the proper application of Aveda products. Whether you’re aiming for a Balayage, Ombre, Sombre, or even a neon hair color, you can find the right shades at Bangs and Locks. Their hairstylists can also help you choose a color that will flatter your looks.  Their prices are also very reasonable, ranging from $65 to $100.

Perhaps the best thing about Bangs and Locks Salon is their belief in working as a team, that together they will be able to achieve more than they ever could as individuals. This translates to offering their clients with a hairstyle that works, starting with the morning rush and throughout the rest of the day.

It’s a New Year and a new generation, so it’s the ideal time to don on a new hairstyle. But before rushing off to your usual beauty parlor or set an appointment with your hairstylist, this is also the right time to consider other salons out there. Changing your look is on itself a risky business, much more if you’re going to try out a new salon. However, you will never know what you’re missing if you stick to the same hairstyle and hairstylist each year. Besides, you can always look up for those salons having positive reviews on the internet, such as the Bangs and Locks Salon.

Bangs & Locks Salon
5095 Telegraph Avenue
Oakland, CA 94609
(510) 338-6772

Latest Dress Designs for Fashion-Forward Females

Women all over the world are inspired in their dressing by looking at celebrities in their designer dresses on the red carpet or admired influential women doing their thing every day. Ladies get fashion ideas from their favorite television personalities and often look for creative styles by other designers that resemble those on the red carpet but are more affordable.We will review some of the leading fashion designers for prom dresses that can easily pass for those worn by our fashion idols. This will help you pick the next ultimate look for that date, afternoon brunch or office dinner.

Sherri Hill 50333

Sherri Hill

This line of prom dresses carries a range of fashionable attire the adventurous girl, for the reserved lady and for the fun loving woman. She embodies the latest fashion trends in the full length dresses with sheer material and embroidered details and the simple flowing gowns. If your best assets are your endless legs or your curvy body, Sherri Hill dresses covers you with short and flaring cocktail dresses and body hugging skirts that embelish style and sophistication.

Jovani Prom dresses

This line demonstrates imagination that ends up capturing the elegant pretty woman’s side. The dresses range from A-Line lace gowns, to trumpet dresses and bright colored jersey fitted sheer panel dresses, to sexy mermaid dresses adorned with bead detailing. Jovani ensures that as a trendy lady, your sense of style is expressed in an elegant yet simple manner.

Hannah S.

A unique, chic, flirty, fun and sexy lady will fit quite well in a Hannah S. shop. Her prom dresses are suitable for a cocktail party, a late brunch in the afternoon, a romantic date night or a night out dancing. The dresses are easily accessorized and capture modernity with a hint of tradition especially in the neckline designs.


If you are looking for style and comfort, the line of prom dresses by Blush can comfortably accommodate you. It has dresses that cover all body types from the petite to the plus size curvy lady. The line embraces extravagant bead detailing and carries ball gowns, simple bodycons and brides maids dresses.

Alyce Paris

Drama and elegance have never been well put in any sentence until you see the designs by Alyce Paris. The prom dresses bring out simplicity, elegance and sexiness. With a variety of styles to choose from, this designer will ensure that your intended look is delivered, and you will leave a mark in whatever event you attend.

Mon cheri Prom dresses

Bold prints, sheer, lace, Jerser floor length and elegant high neck halters are just some of the words that describe dresses by this designer. The affordable line carries a range of dresses for the dynamic woman with a high fashion sense. It has trendy yet statement making dresses that will brighten any occasion.

These are just a few of the best designers whose clothes can be found on online stores or a local shop near you. The unique styles by these designers, and many others we have not mentioned make it easy for you to glam up and accessorize. You become an instant fashion idol without leaving a huge dent in your account.

Keith Olbermann

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Political Cartoons











Political Cartoon by Jack Ohma of the Sacramento Bee.

Political Cartoon by Jack Ohma of the Sacramento Bee.

Political Cartoon by Clay Bennett in the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

Political Cartoon by Mike Luckovich in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Best Salon in West Palm Beach

Consider by many downtown as the best salon in West Palm Beach, Lotus Hair Studio delivers on their promise to bring out your natural beauty, at their spacious, high-end, serene and all-inclusive hair studio on 1609 S. Dixie Highway. Their team of highly trained staff will consult and offer you personalized advice on a range of customized services fitting all clients. The hair, makeup, wedding and special event services provided will leave you looking picture perfect as you strut down your red carpet.

Another interior shot of Lotus Hair Salon, The Best Salon in West Palm Beach
We specialize in the following range of the latest techniques and cutting-edge products;

1. Their stylists understand the individual needs in haircuts, styling, and treatment for the whole family, catering to different ages and styles and brings out unique personalities in the end look.

2. We consider individual hair needs while offering conditioning and scalp treatment that restores natural hair beauty, smoothens rebellious hair, preserves color, and strengthens hair.

Deeply cleanse and soothe an unbalanced scalp with the exfoliating scalp treatment that moisturizes any dry, flaky or oily scalp, making it healthy and supportive for hair growth.

3. Create a whole new, fun look at Lotus Hair Studio by having hair color skillfully applied.

Expertly consult us to help you fit in with the current trends by adding dimensions and richness, and decide on the best base color, or create natural-looking highlights or lowlights that grow out looking in place with the Balayage coloring.

We also offer corrective coloring for color gone wrong, an easy base break to blend natural base color with highlights, toning or glossing to brighten current hair highlights, and brow tinting to match your new hair color.

4. Hair Extension services are an easy option to achieve volume, body and hair length.
The damage-free hair transformation is available at Lotus Hair Studio after consultations and a required deposit.

5. Get a fully customized and professional makeup application to enhance your beautiful features.

Also available is the lasting, flawless, weightless airbrush make-up; DIY make-up lessons; and the just eyes make-up comprising of false lash application and brow shaping.

6. Get straightened, and relaxed hair with any of the available options offered, to achieve a soft and natural texture.

· Make blow-drying at home easy with the smooth treatment

· The permanent, 4-6 hours, Japanese hair relaxing, reconditioning hair thermally

· Repair internal damage with the Express Keratin Blowout, eliminating frizz, leaving hair smoother, silkier, shinier and straight

· Traditionally relax hair leaving it soft, wavy or completely straight.

7. Achieve the desired look saying I do to their bridal services inclusive of bride and bridesmaids hairstyling.

We offer veil placement services and recommend scheduling trials to get you to help us deliver your expectations.

8. Book a relaxing massage session with their therapists.
This house-call only service offers Swedish massages, deep tissue massages, reflexology, sports and prenatal massages to aid in releasing toxins, enhance internal organ functions, and ease pain and muscle tension in all the pressure points.

Above all, the friendly staff at West Palm Beach’s Lotus Hair Studio offers professional support & expert advice when purchasing professional beauty products from their licensed studio.

Interior of Lotus Hair Salon, The Best Salon in West Palm Beach

Call, email or visit us to book an appointment to get a beauty experience with their specialists.

Lotus Hair Studio
1609 S. Dixie Hwy #4
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Phone: 561-655-8004

We value your time and advise arriving at least 10 minutes earlier for your appointment to get the full experience. We appreciate a 24-hour notice in case of a cancellation.

Visit their website at to get more information on their broad range of services and products, and learn more about the return & cancellation policies.